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Meadow Lane Macrame

Mini Drop Earrings

Mini Drop Earrings

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An elegant, smaller option. A simple brass tear drop with naturally-dyed hemp or recycled cotton string in a V pattern with just a little fringe. Super lightweight and easy to wear.



Natural Color Choices:

Pink (Avocado, Madder Root)

Orange (Cosmos, Marigold, Coreopsis)

Pale Yellow (Dyer's Chamomile, Yellow Marigolds)

Sea Green (Fresh Indigo, Scabiosa)

Pale Blue (Hollyhock, Fresh Indigo)

Purple (Logwood)

Brown (Black Walnut)

White (Natural)


- Approximate length: 2"

- Sterling Silver Hooks -

(As with all natural dyes, variations in color do occur. That's part of the beauty...)


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