Naturally-Dyed Fiber Art and Accessories

Handmade in the

Champlain Islands of Vermont

Home Decor

Unique and whimsical macrame designs for the home or workplace. Adorn your... 

Homegrown, Locally-foraged, Sustainably-sourced Color.

In the Meadow Lane Macrame Dye Garden, we grow dozens of plants and flowers that generously give their amazing colors for our creations. The colors are carefully extracted and used to dye cotton and hemp string as well as various fabrics, wood and pottery. We also forage locally in Vermont for various nuts, seeds and wildflowers that can lend their natural colors. Occasionally we utilize natural materials found in our home kitchen, like avocado seeds and tumeric. In rare instances, we reach out to small botanical dye businesses using sustainable practices to help us achieve a particular color.

  • Dyer's Chamomile

    This happy flower grows abundantly in our Vermont garden and gives a soft, buttery yellow to our fibers.

  • Plant-dyed Wooden Beads

    Natural wooden beads in various sizes and beautiful, natural colors.

    Jar of Beads 
  • Botanical Prints

    Fresh and dried plants and flowers printed directly on fabric mixed with cotton macrame.

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